Preparing For The Threat Of A Hurricane

Emergencies are often not as sudden as we might think. In the case of hurricanes, the National Weather System and other warnings allow us to prepare for the worst. However, by the time you hear a warning signal it may be too late to make adequate preparations. If you live in an area where hurricanes are a frequent threat, you should set up a hurricane response plan for your household ahead of time, before the emergency happens.
Your local area may have a shelter set up for such emergencies. Familiarize your family with its location and help them to find the best routes to get there. You should keep a store of emergency provisions in your home such as:
fire extinguisher in an accessible location
non-perishable food and water
manual can opener
emergency phone numbers displayed in a visible location
battery-operated radio and flashlight with extra batteries
a change of clothes
first-aid kit
Keep copies of important documents and a list of your credit card numbers in a secure place, as well as a small store of ready cash.
Your local and national authorities will let you know whether the hurricane will be powerful enough that evacuation is needed. Follow their directions. Many residents have lost their lives in an attempt to remain at home when evacuation was ordered.
If you prepare for an emergency before it happens, its impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones will be less.